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You may use the add to cart buttons on the style pages to pay by credit card via Pay Pal. ClockPrints can now accept Master Card, Discover, American Express, and Visa by mail or phone. These are processed through ProPay. If you prefer to pay by check or money order you may mail payment to:

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Please review our ordering instructions page before purchasing.

Printable order form for ClockPrints designs:

CP Order Form

Printable order form for manufacturer's reproduction dials:

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Add $10.00 per order for shipping and handling. You only need to add sales tax if you live in Indiana or Ohio.


ClockPrints does not have the man power to fill rush orders. Please allow a full 2 weeks to receive your prints.

ClockPrints Returns


You may return faces purchased without custom sizing or text for refund or exchange for any reason for one full year to:

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Please state the reason for return or any replacement desired.

International Orders


ClockPrints ships to the United Kingdom several times a month. We have also shipped to Canada, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries. Pay Pal now offers international shipping rates in the shopping cart.
Because ClockPrints uses Pay Pal we can only accept payment from those countries Pay Pal accepts. ClockPrints reserves the right to refund payment to orders from countries were repeated attempts to ship have not arrived.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winding Holes

When mounting a clock face that requires winding holes do not mark or precut them. Mount the face to the dial, then turn it over and cut the holes using the dial as a guide. Use a sharp exacto knife to cut the face. It is a good idea to add grommets to the winding holes as they protect the paper and cover imperfect cutting.

Because I do not like having the winding holes pre-cut myself and it is quite time consuming (days of email tag) to get them placed properly ClockPrints has discontinued cutting any winding holes.


ClockPrints faces are not mass produced. This allows you to customize your order including size, color or logo. Our clock faces are printed on fine art matte 200 gsm paper designed specifically for use with archival inks. Archival inks deliver large gamut, long-lasting prints.
Research completed with these inks, indicates that under normal conditions for fine art prints, archival inks will last approximately 100+ years without fading. Fine art prints are best protected from smoke, dust, and humidity by mounting under glass.


ClockPrints dials are now available printed on metal simulating brass, silver or copper. White or black backgrounds are also available.

Metal Dial Pricing
(937-272-9554 to order)

  • Under 8 x 10 - $35
  • Under 12 x 18 - $50
  • Under 16 x 20 - $65

Seconds Dials, Calendar rings, Military time

ClockPrints can add seconds dials. I will need the exact measurement from the center of the movement hole to the center of the seconds dial hole. I will cut both of these holes. We have several to choose from or you may send an example. Calendar rings, minute rings and military time can be added to many of our styles at no extra charge.

Add Ons Page

Can ClockPrints restore a damaged clock face?

ClockPrints can recreate paper faces. Many of our styles have come from restorations. ClockPrints can create a paper version of most porcelain faces. You may want to add our new gloss lamination for these.
ClockPrints is now offering aluminum dials in the smaller sizes.

Other Clock Parts

ClockPrints does not supply any parts except paper or metal clock faces.

Sizes ♦ Prices

ClockPrints faces are not mass produced. This allows you to order exactly the size you need. I have offered pay buttons in one inch increments for convenience and price steps.

♦ Time Ring - size of the outer ring. If there is no outer ring then the outer edge of the numerals. This is where the minute hand should fall.
♦ Art size - this is supplied so that you can make sure the design will fit in your frame window. When the dimensions are not uniform: 1st = horizontal, 2nd = vertical.
♦ Paper - All prints are supplied cut square to this size. You may request a custom size. ClockPrints will supply a round face if you request a round cut or request a new dimension by diameter.

Help Page

Note that most modern clock hands can shortened by small amounts by clipping the ends.


If you are ordering more than 25 clock faces ClockPrints offers a substantial discount.


I do not recommend painting on the print at all. Our inks are water resistant not water proof and any solvents will dissolve the ink. The paper will also wrinkle or curl once wet. I will not replace the damaged print if damaged for this reason as I was willing to print the art originally for free.

♦ Laminate the print before the art is added with paint or ink.

♦ Have Clockprints create the art and add the art to the print when printing. Design services are free if added to our styles. If you want an exclusive, design fees will depend on the complexity of the art and pieces purchased.

♦ Have your artist paint or draw your art on another surface. Have the art scanned and I will incorporate the art into the print. You will need to get their permission to reproduce the art. I will only use this art for your purchases, the number of times permitted by the artist. See information on adding pictures below.

Adding your logo or a picture

ClockPrints can add text or logo images to your clock face. There is no extra charge for this. Clock makers, wedding dates, established dates or creation dates or addresses are popular. You can email images to clockprints. Photos should be at least 180 dpi at the size it will print. Logos should be at least 300 dpi. I can accept any image format.


Please use the supplied Memory Dots, attached to the top of your inner packaging. Install the movement through the unattached clock face. This allows you to rotate the print to where it needs to be and holds the print firmly while gluing. I then lift each corner to apply the adhesive.

Do not use Elmer's or wood glue! The print will absorb the glue and fall apart.

Attaching Directly to an Old Clock Face

If the new clock face is light colored you may want to cover the old face first with an additional piece of white paper, white paint or Kilz primer. Keep in mind that keeping the original face intact on an antique clock may help retain it's resale value.

Trimming / Punching

♦ Trimming - clock faces can be cut easily with an exacto knife. ClockPrints will trim to size, square, rectangular or round. Add these dimensions to the "Message to Seller" section of the order form.
♦ Movement hole - ClockPrints adds a 1/4" hole to each face. If you need something larger or do not need a hole add this information to the "Message to Seller" section of the order form.
♦ Winding holes - Cutting these before mounting makes it difficult to align. I prefer to cut them after mounting using a sharp exacto. The edge or the mounting board hole can be used to guide the knife.

The IIII as the 4 on a Roman clock face is based on
hundreds of years of tradition. (Maybe thousands)?

There are many theories as to how the IIII came to be used as the 4 on roman clock faces:
♦ IV was the Roman symbol for God. It could have been considered blasphemous to use it as the 4 on a clock.
♦ A king requested his craftsmen to make a clock and when it was presented to him he went into a rage that the 4 was IV. Rather than loose his head the craftsman said I am sorry it is supposed to be IIII and changed it. Clocks since have used IIII instead of IV.
♦ It may have come into use as the IIII is directly across from the VIII. Using IV gives the face a very unbalanced look.
♦ IV was not widely used as 4 in early Roman history so sundials used IIII. Clocks evolved from the sundials hence the preference for IIII.

The only Roman face I can remember seeing that uses the IV is Big Ben. ClockPrint's Baby Ben styles are based on Big Ben that is why they use IV.

Still More Questions?