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Arabic Clock DialArabic Clock Dial


Seth Thomas
Arabic Clock DialSeth ThomasSeth ThomasArabic Clock DialRE35 SethThomasRE62 SethThomasST 17 Seth Thomas


Arabic Clock Dial


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If you do not see the dial you need and have a damaged dial, ClockPrints can recreate the dial. The designs are added to our online inventory to avoid charging design fees.

Flat dials Scanning flat dials instead of shooting with a digital camera prevents distortion that makes it very difficult to properly redraw the numerals. Scanning vs a camera shot will reduce email tag and the number of measurements needed.

Dials that cannot be removed from glass bezels or metal lipped plates. A scanner will not focus when the dial cannot be directly on the glass so a digital camera is a better choice for these.

Do not reduce the file for email. Scan at 300 dpi. Please include dimensions of the chapter ring, total dial, holes, distance between holes, a few of the numbers and logos.

Note that there is no additional charge to make minor changes such as flipping arrow direction, adding diamonds, or swapping rings and numerals, etc. to achieve a more accurate dial.