ClockPrints Newest Product

Inlaid and carved hardwoods

This new product will be changing frequently as it is in the developement stages. We are experimenting with 1/2" solid maple backgrounds but will be adding other hardwoods and possibly veneers. We are also experimenting with different methods of acheving contrast in the design. Inlay is beatiful but has size limitations. Using stains, fillers and epoxy inlay will allow more detailed, smaller designs. Initially all are around 10" square. I do not anticipate offering any smaller than 8". The maximum size we can carve in one piece is 24".

There will be limited availablity as these are more time consuming to produce than the prints. Pricing will be going up considerably as we get more experinced with the new process. Pricing may not ever be standardized as each design takes varying lengths of time to cut and wood prices vary by species and figure.

Maple Clock FaceWD03 Victorian
Maple with cutout

Maple Clock FaceWD04 Shaker
Maple with black design