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Frequently Asked Questions.

You may use the add to cart buttons on the style pages to pay by credit card via Pay Pal. ClockPrints can now accept Master Card, Discover, American Express, and Visa by mail or phone. If you prefer to pay by check or money order you may mail payment to:
3674 Westwind Drive
Beavercreek OH 45440

Please review our ordering instructions page before purchasing.

Order form

Add $10.00 per order for shipping and handling.
You only need to add sales tax if you live in Indiana or Ohio.



Paper Prints

You may return faces purchased without custom sizing or text for refund or exchange for any reason for one full year to:

3674 Westwind Drive
Beavercreek OH 45440

Please state the reason for return or any replacement desired.

Wooden dials

You may return dials for refund or exchange for one full year. Please state the reason for return or any replacement desired.




ClockPrints ships to the United Kingdom several times a month. We have also shipped to Canada, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries. Pay Pal now offers international shipping rates in the shopping cart.
Because ClockPrints uses Pay Pal we can only accept payment from those countries Pay Pal accepts. ClockPrints reserves the right to refund payment to orders from countries were repeated attempts to ship have not arrived.



ClockPrints does not have the man power to fill rush orders. Please allow a full 2 weeks to receive your prints.


When mounting a clock face that requires winding holes do not mark or precut them. Mount the face to the dial, then turn it over and cut the holes using the dial as a guide. Use a sharp exacto knife to cut the face. It is a good idea to add grommets to the winding holes as they protect the paper and cover imperfect cutting.

Because I do not like having the winding holes pre-cut myself and it is quite time consuming to get them placed properly ClockPrints has discontinued cutting any winding holes.




If you are ordering more than 25 clock faces ClockPrints offers a substantial discount.




Minimal Adhesive Method

Install the movement through the unattached clock face. This allows you to rotate the print to where it needs to be and holds the print firmly while gluing. I then lift each corner to apply the adhesive.
• Memory Book Glue Dots - Archival product - provided with each order.
• Dab of hot melt glue
• Double stick tape - NOT recommended due to undependable results
The movement is going to hold the print in place. Gluing in the corners will keep the print flat and still allow some difference in movement between the wood and print. ClockPrints provides enough dots to go around the outside edge of the print. If wood is used as the backer board I would recommend using a clear water based sealant on both sides of the wood to reduce movement with weather.

Liquid Glue - DO NOT USE

Please use the Memory Dots supplied attached to the top of your inner packaging.

Do not use Elmer's or wood glue! The print will absorb the glue and fall apart.

Spray Adhesive / Contact Cement

Please use the Memory Dots supplied attached to the top of your inner packaging. • Elmer’s Craft Bond is acid free and does not set up as instantly as some spray adhesives. 3M’s 45 is also archival, .• Take care as any contact cement or spray adhesive will remove the ink if the adhesive is accidentally applied to the front of the print. Our ink is not solvent proof.• Spray adhesive is responsible for nearly every damaged face I have replaced. Please use the Memory Dots instead.

Attaching Directly to an Old Clock Face

If the new clock face is light colored you may want to cover the old face first with an additional piece of white paper, white paint or Kilz primer. Keep in mind that keeping the original face intact on an antique clock may help retain it's resale value.

Archival Products

• ClockPrints are printed with water resistant, permanent pigment inks on archival quality paper, more fade resistant than a commercial print.
• ClockPrints do not require any additional sealant to protect them when installed in a clock behind glass.

Faces Protected by Glass.

• Any glass will add protection from air born pollutants.
• If you are building a new clock consider purchasing UV filtering glass as it will add more protection against fading. Museum quality non glare glass is also available. Hobby shops with a framing department will have these types of glass.

Faces Not Protected By Glass

Please order the face with gloss or matte lamination rather than applying a liquid or spray finish.

Trimming / Punching

• Trimming - clock faces can be cut easily with an exacto knife. ClockPrints will trim to size, square, rectangular or round. Add these dimensions to the "Message to Seller" section of the order form.
• Movement hole - ClockPrints adds a 1/4" hole to each face. If you need something larger or do not need a hole add this information to the "Message to Seller" section of the order form.
• Winding holes - Cutting these before mounting makes it very difficult to align if using spray glue. I prefer to cut them after mounting using a sharp exacto. The edge or the mounting board hole can be used to guide the knife.



ClockPrints faces are not mass produced. This allows you to customize your order including size, color or logo. Our clock faces are printed on fine art matte 300 gsm paper designed specifically for use with archival inks. Archival inks deliver large gamut, long-lasting prints.
Research completed with these inks, indicates that under normal conditions for fine art prints, archival inks will last approximately 100+ years without fading. Fine art prints are best protected from smoke, dust, and humidity by mounting under glass. They should not be displayed in direct sunlight.




Enlarged ruler

How to add and subtract fractions:


ClockPrints faces are not mass produced.
This allows you to order exactly the size you need.
I have offered pay buttons in one inch increments for
convenience and price steps.

Dials are priced by the size of the background.
Backgrounds over 17" are $35.00
Backgrounds over 13" are $30.00
Backgrounds over 11" are $25.00
Backgrounds over 8 1/4" are $20.00
Backgrounds over 4 1/2" are $15.00
Backgrounds under 4 1/2" are $7.00
Maximum size is 23" x 36"

Time Ring - Time ring diameter.
Art - Please check that the design will fit in your frame.
When the dimensions are not uniform
1st = horizontal, 2nd = vertical.
Paper - All prints are supplied cut square to this size. ClockPrints will supply a round face if you request a round cut or request a new dimension by diameter.

(Somewhat) Standard background by time ring.

If you need additional or a specific background size please indicate on order form. Please read the dimensions and prices on the detail pages, not all faces follow this guideline. Detail pages also include design dimensions for each time ring.

9" time ring • 12 3/4" background
8" time ring • 12 5/8" background
7" time ring • 11" background
6" time ring • 9 1/4" background
5" time ring • 7 3/4" background
4" time ring • 6" background
3" time ring • 4 3/4" background

You can still request a 2 1/2" time ring.

The size of the minute hand should be 1/2 the size of the time ring. Note that most modern clock hands can shortened by small amounts by clipping the ends.


Most styles only need to be cut differently to be round. Clockprints will cut to your dimensions.
• Faces with square designs can be reformatted to a round face. Many of Clockprints styles are already available both round and square. Even if a style you want is not shown both ways, I do not charge extra to change it.
• Arched Grandfather or Steeple faces or Rings can be created from any ClockPrints style. There are now categories for styles I have already converted to these formats.
• ClockPrints paper is easily cut with a sharp exacto knife if you want to cut to other shapes.
• Background prints without the time ring or design are also available. Priced by size, same pricing as the faces.




I do not recommend painting on the print at all. Our inks are water resistant not water proof and any solvents will dissolve the ink. The paper will also wrinkle or curl once wet. I will not replace the damaged print if damaged for this reason as I was willing to print the art originally for free.

Option 1 Laminate the print before the art is added with paint or ink.

Option 2 Have Clockprints create the art and add the art to the print when printing. Design services are free if added to our styles. If you want an exclusive, design fees will depend on the complexity of the art and pieces purchased.

Option 3 Have your artist paint or draw your art on another surface. Have the art scanned and I will incorporate the art into the print. You will need to get their permission to reproduce the art. I will only use this art for your purchases, the number of times permitted by the artist. See information on adding pictures below.



Adding your logo or a picture

ClockPrints can add text or logo images to your clock face. There is no extra charge for this. Clock makers, wedding dates, established dates or creation dates or addresses are popular. You can email images to clockprints. Photos should be at least 180 dpi at the size it will print. Logos should be at least 360 dpi. I can accept any image format.



Seconds Dials, Calendar rings, Military time

ClockPrints can add seconds dials. I will need the exact measurement from the center of the movement hole to the center of the seconds dial hole. I will cut both of these holes. We have several to choose from or you may send an example. Calendar rings, minute rings and military time can be added to many of our styles at no extra charge.




All of the clock faces are copyrighted by ClockPrints. No one has permission to print these designs except ClockPrints. Digital files are not available. It is not permissible to reproduce the clock face in any way.



How can I display in the customer gallery?

ClockPrints is currently posting Customer clocks on FaceBook.

Send a picture of your clocks featuring a ClockPrints face via email or mail. Include any caption, pricing and contact information you would like posted. I can link this page to your other web sites. I can also download the images directly from your web site if you request.
Please use this subject line in your email "Submit to Gallery"


Can ClockPrints restore a damaged clock face?

ClockPrints can recreate paper faces. Many of our styles have come from restorations. ClockPrints can create a paper version of most porcelain faces. You may want to add our new gloss lamination for these.
For artists specializing in brass and porcelain restoration see ClockPrints links page.


Other Clock Parts

ClockPrints does not supply any parts except paper clock faces. Our affiliate Clockparts has a very comprehensive supply of other clock parts. Please use this banner link to go to their online catalog.

Innovation Specialties’ Clockparts.com is proud to celebrate its 28th year as a leading supplier of clock parts. Please take a look at our on-line catalog which contains a huge variety of quartz clock movements and clock making supplies.



The IIII as the 4 on a Roman clock face is based on
hundreds of years of tradition. (Maybe thousands)

There are many theories as to how the IIII came to be used as the 4 on roman clock faces:
1) IV was the Roman symbol for God. It could have been considered blasphemous to use it as the 4 on a clock.
2) A king requested his craftsmen to make a clock and when it was presented to him he went into a rage that the 4 was IV. Rather than loose his head the craftsman said I am sorry it is supposed to be IIII and changed it. Clocks since have used IIII instead of IV.
3) It may have come into use as the IIII is directly across from the VIII. Using IV gives the face a very unbalanced look.
4) IV was not widely used as 4 in early Roman history so sundials used IIII. Clocks evolved from the sundials hence the preference for IIII. For more in-depth discussions on this subject try these sites:

The only Roman face I can remember seeing that uses the IV is Big Ben. ClockPrint's Baby Ben styles are based on Big Ben that is why they use IV.



Why do I make clock faces?

My years of working in digital art and photo restoration
combined with my husband Jack's woodworking hobby.
Clocks became a favorite project. It is fascinating to build something that moves and works. Constant reference during the day for the time gives a continual appreciation of the design and craftsmanship. With our second clock I began using Illustrator and PhotoShop to design custom faces. ClockPrints came about to share these designs and soon many more styles followed.


Where did I get the Clock Face Software?

Our clock faces are not created with "Clock Face Software" or clip art. I have created all of the art for our clock faces using Adobe's professional illustration software. I often begin the face in "Illustrator" then finish in "PhotoShop". Sometimes the face is created entirely in "PhotoShop". I am currently using Illustrator CS4 and PhotoShop CS4. A software bundle for the current Adobe design package costs about $1800. I have learned to use this software by working in some of the top pre-press and printing facilities in the Cincinnati area. I have over 10 years experience as a pre-press technician and have worked with packaging, commercial printing and fine art reproduction. I also have a degree in commercial art.
Designs are created using a pen or brush tool to draw the basic shapes. I use fonts for some of the numerals. Some of the numerals are drawn using the pen tool as there are not fonts to match many of the hand drawn antique faces. Textures are obtained using a Sony DSC-F717 or Canon XTi digital camera or they are digitally created using multiple applications of PhotoShop's extensive filters and layer blend modes.
I research antique clocks, furniture and fabric styles as well as current design trends as inspiration for our faces. I will spend from 4 to 10 hours designing each face. Some designs are exact representations of historical classics. Some faces are inspired by traditional design. Some designs are purely out of my imagination.
I will not be creating "software" from my designs
as I would not be able control the quality of paper, ink or printing.
Your craftsmanship will last for years, so should the clock face.



Klockit has developed a booklet to assist you with the selection of a mechanical movement.

When this booklet is used in conjunction with Klockit's "Mechanical Movement Dimensional Specification" you can easily determine what is the best movement for your clock case. Click here to download this booklet.

Designing your clock case for a specific movement.
1. Choose the movement, dial and pendulum
2. Download the "Mechanical Movement Dimensional Specification" for your chosen movement from Klockit.com
3. Using the "Mechanical Movement Dimensional Specification" and this booklet, determine the case dimensions needed for the movement/dial assembly you have selected.
Selecting a movement for a specific case.
1. Taking measurements from your existing clock case, determine the Minimum Inside Clock Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD). Use the catalog to determine which movements fit within your cabinet dimensions.
2. Download "Mechanical Movement Dimensional Specification(s)" for the movement(s) that you feel are suitable for your case.
3. Use the "Mechanical Movement Dimensional Specification" and this booklet to select the best movement for your case.

Please feel free to call Klockit's toll free technical support number
(1-800-556-6474) for more assistance. The information in this booklet will take the guesswork out of determining what movement is best for a specific clock case design and size. We hope more Klockit customers will be motivated to build Grandfather Clocks from plans or from their own design concepts and will find it easier to select replacement movements for antique clocks.

Clock faces are priced by the size of the paper.

13" to 17" are $30.00
11" to 13" are $25.00
8" to 11" are $20.00
4 1/2" to 8" are $15.00
Under 4 1/2" are $7.00
Maximum size: 17"x 36"



Full size of your mounting board or previous dial.


Make sure this will fit in the window frame.

Time ring:

This is listed by diameter.
(A 6" time ring would require a 3" minute hand.)

Delivery Time

Orders usually ship once a week by Priority mail. Please allow a full 2 weeks to receive your order.

ClockPrints ships globally to most countries serviced by Pay Pal. International orders ship air mail unless you add the international shipping which upgrades to Global Priority.

ClockPrints is a custom service provided by the artist on a part time basis. Faces are printed individually as ordered due to the wide variety of styles/sizes and custom options.

3674 Westwind Drive
Beavercreek OH 45440


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All art © ClockPrints