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Please add size or need for seconds dial, size of seconds dial hole, distance from hole to hole on center in the "Instructions to Seller" box later in the order process.

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RE66 United

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Metal Dial Pricing
( to order)

  • Under 8 x 10 - $35
  • Under 12 x 18 - $50
  • Under 16 x 20 - $65

Color Options

Only as shown

Seconds Dials, Calendar rings, Military time

ClockPrints can add seconds dials. I will need the exact measurement from the center of the movement hole to the center of the seconds dial hole. I will cut both of these holes. We have several to choose from or you may send an example. Calendar rings, minute rings and military time can be added to many of our styles at no extra charge. Yes, you can request parts you see on one dial be added to another dial.

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Can ClockPrints restore a damaged clock face?

ClockPrints can recreate paper faces. Many of our styles have come from restorations. ClockPrints can create a paper version of most porcelain faces. You may want to add our new gloss lamination for these.
ClockPrints is now offering aluminum dials in the smaller sizes.

Sizes ♦ Prices

ClockPrints faces are not mass produced. This allows you to order exactly the size you need. I have offered pay buttons in one inch increments for convenience and price steps.

♦ Time Ring - size of the outer ring. If there is no outer ring then the outer edge of the numerals. This is where the minute hand should fall.
♦ Art size - this is supplied so that you can make sure the design will fit in your frame window. When the dimensions are not uniform: 1st = horizontal, 2nd = vertical.
♦ Paper - All prints are supplied cut square to this size. You may request a custom size. ClockPrints will supply a round face if you request a round cut or request a new dimension by diameter.

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Note that most modern clock hands can shortened by small amounts by clipping the ends.

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