Pay button definitions

Paper Definition Paper Definition


The full size of your mounting board or previous dial. This will be the total size of your print. All dimensions are listed in inches. Prints are supplied cut square unless you tell me to cut it round.
♦ You may request specific dimensions to fit your clock.


Art Definition Paper Definition


Make sure this will fit in the window frame. All dimensions are listed in inches. If this is not listed there is no art or design outside of the time ring.
♦ You may request specific dimensions to fit your clock.

Time Ring Definition Paper Definition

Time Ring

This is listed in inches by diameter. The outside edge of the black ring. On faces without a ring it will be the outside edge of the numbers. (A 6" time ring would require a 3" minute hand.)

♦ You may request specific dimensions to fit your clock.

(Note that on many styles, like the dial on the left, the time ring must follow the scaling of the art.)


Additional order process options

Customize this clock face.

Brief instructions can be entered here. There is a 60 character limit. There is an additional instruction box late in the ordering process that allows more lengthy instructions. If you need more room than that box allows or need to add an attachment, enter your email address here and I will look for an email for instructions.
Time rings can be sized to whatever you need. I supply pay buttons in 1" increments for convenience.
Backgrounds can be trimmed to exact dimensions including circles, ovals, or rectangles (please indicate which is width and height.)
Movement holes will be cut to 1/4". You may request no movement hole, just a center dot or whatever size you need.
Art or designs may be moved or removed in most cases.
Logos, wedding dates. made dates, Est. dates can be added in the same or similar style as the numbers.
Manufacturer's logos can be added or removed.
If you ask for customization please monitor your email for questions or samples.

Cut Shape

Clock faces are supplied square cut to the "Paper" size. Cut Shape options have been added to some styles to conveniently ask for a round or rectangle cut instead. Please give me the size in the instructions box. Give me the full width for round cuts. For rectangle cuts make sure to indicate which is width or height.

Reference Images

Every order page features a large image of that face and a detail shot shows arrows to the paper, art, time ring dimensions on that face.


Add Lamination or Mount on Hardboard
are extra features you can add to the order.

If you purchase these without also purchasing a face your order will be refunded or you will need to make a second payment to purchase the face. Please note that there are flip down menus for price breaks and a choice between Matte and Gloss lamination.

These are site wide, generic buttons and do not list any indication of the face they were shown with. Please keep that in mind if you order several faces, some with and some without. You need to let me know what goes with what in an email.

Delivery Time

All faces are custom printed once ordered. Please allow a full 2 weeks to receive your order. If you request any changes please monitor your email for questions I may have. Orders usually ship once a week by Priority mail.

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