Free clock face alterations:

You do not need to ask if ClockPrints can make these changes, just give me the specifics in the "Instructions to Seller" box in the pay process.

♦ Time rings can be sized to whatever you need. Pay buttons are supplied in 1" increments for convenience.
♦ Backgrounds can be trimmed to exact dimensions including circles.
♦ Movement holes will be cut to 1/4". You may request no movement hole, just a center dot or whatever size you need.
♦ Art or designs may be moved or removed in most cases.
♦ Logos, wedding dates. made dates, Est. dates can be added in the same or similar style as the numbers. Please chose from ClockPrints' available fonts.
♦ Adding an inner rule to a line art face.
♦ Manufacturers logos. ClockPrints only has a few logos. If you do not see the logo you want on the logo page, you will need to supply an example.
♦ Made in U.S.A.
♦ Calendar dates - "Add Ons" in the style menu.
♦ Military time - "Add Ons" in the style menu.
♦ Minute Rings - "Add Ons" in the style menu.
♦ Seconds dials - You may choose one we have done or supply a reference image. "Add Ons" in the style menu.
♦ Create an oval, rectangle, grandfather or steeple dial from any current style.
♦ Matte lamination is now available. I only recommend this if you are not placing the face under glass.

Add Ons Gallery

Add Gloss or Matte Lamination

Sizes in inches (Open for price breaks)
Gloss or Matte?

Mount on 1/8" hardboard

Sizes in inches (Open for price breaks)
Hole size


ClockPrints Logo Clock

Custom Clock Face Options

Scanner Image

Supplied File Instructions

Flat dials:
Scanning flat clock dials prevents distortion. Shooting with your camera or phone does not give me dimensions. Shooting with your camera or phone adds distortion that makes it very difficult to properly redraw the numerals. Scanning vs a camera shot will reduce email tag and the number of measurements needed.

Dials that cannot be removed from glass bezels or metal lipped plates:
A scanner will not focus when the clock dial cannot be directly on the glass so a digital camera is a better choice for these.

Do not reduce the file for email. Scan at 300 dpi. Please include dimensions of the chapter ring, total dial, holes, distance between holes, a few of the numbers and logos. Note that there is no additional charge to make minor changes such as flipping arrow direction, adding diamonds, or swapping rings and numerals, etc. to achieve a more accurate dial.

Check out our antique styles, steeples and reproductions pages, ClockPrints may have already created art for your clock.

Custom formats such as rectangles or ovals can be created from many styles. I may choose not to do complicated designs that will not resell and may direct you to other sources for reproductions. I may refuse to copy designs or offer a similar face as an option.

You may email or snail mail samples for consideration.

Logo placement

Requesting Logos / Placement of Logos

You may request logos in the "Customize this clock dial" box (60 letter limit) or include more lengthy instructions in the "Instructions to Seller" box in the order process or by email. If you have not supplied an example please request dimensions and give measurements for placement or chose a location shown above.

Available Logos

Maker's Signature Sample

Available Fonts

This list offers a variety of fonts that ClockPrints can use for custom imprints. Please choose from this list. Font names are listed so you can try your text at home. ClockPrints will email a sample of your type in the font or fonts you choose before printing.

♦ Serif Fonts
Fenice Bold, Copperplate Regular, Bodini Regular, Caslon

♦ San Serif Fonts
Monaco, Bank Gothic, Eras Book, Lucinda Sans

♦ Script
Edwardian script, Snell Round Hand, Shelly Allegro, Bickham Script Pro - Semi Bold

♦Old English
Apple Chancery, Duc De Berry Roman, Frankenstein, Engravers Old English

♦ Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts Hunter, Kane, Chelsea Studio, Arts & Crafts Tall

♦ Art Nouveau
Arlekino Regular, Bocklin, Ambrosia, Argonaut

Font Samples


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